Fascination for Wine


The diversity of wine invites you to keep learning, to discover and especially to enjoy every glass of wine!

 our story

It all started back in 2012, when I first enrolled for a short course “Introduction into Wine”. After 5 evenings I got deeply fascinated by the wine world: the different types of wine, the discovery of new regions, grape varieties, the personal stories of vine growers and the evolutions in the wine business. Six years later and after “some” wine study (WSET 3, Sommelier, Sud de France Master course, Spanish wine course, multiple tastings), I got the idea to do “something” with wine.
As a business coach, teacher and management consultant, I get my energy when I can guide and stimulate my clients to learn new insights and skills. That is what I also want to accomplish with WineCab:
  • give wine “dummies” a sound starting base in learning to smell, taste and understand which elements influence smell and taste (beginners course) so that in the end they are triggered to go on a discovery of the wine world
  • guide wine lovers on their discovery journey of new regions, unfamiliar grape varieties, … (thematic courses and win trips)
  • do this with great enthusiasm and a healthy dose of humor
So WineCab was founded in January 2017, when I got the opportunity and the trust of Kris Couvent of Huis Vossen in Lennik, to start teaching a wine course for beginners in his new wine bar August. The success of this course has encouraged me to continue this way.
Wine brings people together. Therefore I work on a regular basis with equally passionate wine teachers as Stijn Verleyen en Peter Arijs.


Patrick Michielsens
Owner WineCab


Foto Stijn Verleyen

Patrick Michielsens

“I love to pass on new wine insights, to unmask mythes and to provide methods to “newbies” to quickly evolve in tasting and as such increase enjoyment of a good glass of wine. ”

Sommelier, Syntra Brussel (2017)

Advanced Certificate (level 3), Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) (2015)

Diploma student,  Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET4, expected in 2021)

Master Certificate Wines of  Languedoc-Roussillon (2015)

Spanish Wine Educator, Spain Wine School (expected in 2019)

Partner WineCab.

Foto Stijn Verleyen

Stijn Verleyen

“Wine is about telling stories, about a grape, a terroir, a region or history. It gives me great pleasure to pass on this stories, with a modest and curious mindset, in order to stimulate the wine passion of my audience.”

Sommelier, Syntra Flanders (2014)

Diploma Certificate,  Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET4, 2018)

Master & Certified Educator Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon (2015)

Passionate about South-European wines, founder of  Vinilegium


Foto Patrick Michielsens

Peter Arijs

Wine is the cheapest way to travel. A bottle of wine brings you to beautiful regions, and takes you back in time. I love to be your guide during this wonderful discovery trip full of new tasting experiences and wine insights.

Sommelier, Syntra Leuven (2015)

Advanced Certificate (level 3), Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) (2017)

Diploma student,  Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET4, expected in 2020)

Certified Educator Rioja (2018)

Spanish Wine Educator, Spain Wine School (expected in 2019)

 Partner WineCab.