A focus on tasting and discovering new wines.


A focus on tasting and discovering new wines.

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our TasteCabs

TasteCab: “Short thematic tasting session to discover wines. It is known for fun discussions about tasting and other things of life.”


The focus of our TasteCabs is on tasting and discussing wines within a pre-defined theme.
    • We taste 7 till 9 bottles of wine
    • Material: You get a short overview of the region, the wines, and the wine domains. Don’t expect an extensive slide deck, this is reserved for our thematic courses. In these sessions it is all about tasting & having fun.
    • Time: these sessions are shorter than our regular courses: 19.30 tot 21.30/22.00
    • Venue: Brussels, 1090 Jette, De Smet de Naeyerlaan 220.

New TasteCabs

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Next to the crispy white Rias Baixas wines, this region is more and more focused on many indigenious  red and white varietals. This session is for those who want to taste indigenous grapes and the future challengers of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. You will enjoy a selection of some of the best Galician wineries

Tursday 25/04/2024 – ENGLISH
Price: 70€
Zicht op Bergerac stad


During this tastecab you will get all wines under €15. The aim of this session is to look for the best price/quality. A wine session for people who would like to taste a glass, but do not yet have a hole in their wallet. So register and be surprised!

Tursday 16/05/2024 – ENGLISH
Price: 55€

Previous TasteCabs

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Now spring is in the air, we start looking for fresh white wines again. Are you bored of Sauvignon Blanc and want to discover something new? Then you should attend our Tastecab on Txakoli. This wine from the Spanish Basque Country used to be a simple sipping wine for local use, but as of late also more serious and complex expressions of Txakoli are available. The 3 Michellin star restaurant Azurmendi even has its own Txakoli winery! High time to discover this unique product!

Zicht op Bergerac stad


From 8 october till 14 October 2018 it is the international week of Sherry. We are happy to participate to this international event by organising an introductory tasting to let you discover the different styles of Sherry. Be assured, Sherry has a full range of styles that can attract any wine lover!

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Our fourth TasteCab of the year brings us again to Slovenia. Due to the succes of our last Slovenian TasteCab, we have imported some new wines. We discover and enjoy some of the top producers of the Brda region. Expect French and Italian grape varieties with a Slovenian expression.

Zicht op Bergerac stad


US wines are unknown to many of us because they are hard to find and expensive. So why not join us for this TasteCab, where the idea is to taste and discover some premium wines from Trumplandia. Don’t worry… no politics, not too much theory, just tasting and enjoying good wines together!

Zicht op Bergerac stad


We are very fond of Spanish wines.  The quality (and price) is often quite astonishing. So this evening we want to introduce you to the Spanish wine scene, with wines that have at least received 94 points from the most famous wine journalist & criticaster Robert Parker.

Zicht op Bergerac stad

Around the World

For this evening we have selected nine grapes that will guide us through the old and new world of wine. This evening we will taste classics but also go off the beaten track, with one purpose: to surprise you with new tasting insights !

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Spain is well known for its high quality wines of  Garnacha & Tempranillo. However, Spain has much more to offer than only these two grapes. During this session we go deeper into the Spanish scene, where a new generation of winemakers want to revive other lesser known Spanish grapes. So tonight no Garnacha nor Tempranillo, but the “new kids on the block“ and be sure that as always – quality will be high.

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Rosé has seen a huge boom in sales over the last twenty years. Very popular with young people, especially on a warm spring & summer day. The wines are often conceived as fresh, even a bit dull. However there is more to rosé than we think. This evening we taste different samples ranging from pure freshness to complexity, as intriguing as their red and white mates.

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Tonight we taste some Spanish & Italian wines, from well known regions, to find out the differences & similarities between the wines. And of course, as this is a TasteCab, the fun is enjoying good wines and by the end of the evening deciding which country has won the battle !

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Our third TasteCab brings us to Bergerac, the little brother of Bordeaux, or isn’t it little ? We taste wines of known and lesser known domains, young and some older wines, dry and sweet, basic and cuvées to find out.

Zicht op Bergerac stad


Upon request by our Spanish wine lovers, we present a special TasteCab: this evening we will taste the wines of some of the most famous wine domains in Spain, like Telmo Rodriguez, Vega Sicilia, Pingus, and others. It is going to be unforgetable!

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