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our thematic courses

We like to let wine lovers discover the lesser known regions in the world. The purpose of these courses is to give you a thorough overview of a certain region. You get to know the appellations, the grape varieties, the geography, the different wine styles, … , in short: extensive theory matched with great and famous wines of the region.

Masterclass Australia – 15/06/2022

Before we close the season, we want to end it in beauty. After two years, we finish our serie of Australie with New South Wales & pretty unknown Tasmania. 

Practical details:

  • Classes are held in 1090 Jette (Brussels), De Smet de Naeyerlaan 220.
  • Each class starts at 19:30 and ends around 22:30.
  • We taste 7 to 9 bottles of wine per evening.
  • Glasses, spittoons, water and some bread will be provided.

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Australia has a wine sector with an impressive history of quality & innovation, going back more than 2 centuries. Nowadays Australia is ranked fifth in the world with regards to wine production and wine export. Time for our last session about Australia – New South Wales & Tasmania.

  • Session 1: General introduction + Western Australia – Spring 2020
  • Session 2: South Australia (Adelaide area) – Spring 2020
  • Session 3: Victoria (Melbourne area) – Spring 2020
  • Session 4: New South Wales  + Tasmania – 15/06/2022

This course will be taught in English (English course material).

Price: 65€

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New Zealand is more than just pungent Sauvignon Blanc. After our popular series of Australian wines we continue with an in-depth overview of this fascinating cool climate wine country, where many international grapes have found a unique expression.

This course will be taught in English and/or Dutch (English course material).

Date: New date coming soon!

Price: 60€

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Tuscany is known for its famous appellations like Chianti, Bolgheri, Brunello …. This evening we dive into the classics, compare them and show you why they are so famous. Be prepared to enjoy some magical Tuscan wines.

This course will be taught in English and/or Dutch (English course material).

Date: Thursday 25/11/21

Price: 60€

Our previous courses

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Fortified wines have a long history: Porto, Madaira, Sherry. They are outcasts of the wine world, often misunderstood, but a true gem for the real wine lover because of their intensity and complexity. Discover the full range from red to white, dry to sweet, and fruity to oxidative.

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This Japanese national drink is getting popular in the western world, but it still has some mysteries to be unveiled. Come and join us to discover the different styles of Saké, together with our passionate Saké sommelier Nicolas Voilley.
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 It’s no coincidence that so many great wines come from volcanic soils. We all know the Etna and Vesuvius in Italy, but also Soave, parts of Germany (Baden, Nahe) and France (Alsace, Beaujolais), and many islands share this soil type. We will taste and discuss around 8 different wines to understand the impact of this soil, and to discover whether there is a common flavour profile. An experience not to be missed!

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As requested by many of you, we start this year with an Italian course, whereby we dedicate at least 9 sessions to the Italian wine scene. This spring we focus on North-Italy. After the summer holidays, we will dive into Central – and South-Italy.

• Session 1 – Italy – General overview
• Session 2 – Valle d’Aosta – Piemonte
• Sessie 3 – Liguria – Lombardia – Emilia Romagna – Trentino
• Sessie 4 – Alto Adige – Veneto – Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Next to the crispy white Rias Baixas wines, this region is more and more focused on many indigenious  red and white varietals. This course is for those who want to taste the future challengers of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. You will enjoy a selection of some of the best Galician wineries.

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If the terms Macvin, non-ouillé, vin jaune of the grapes Savagnin, Trousseau, Poulsard do not ring a bell, than join us and discover great wines of this lesser known French region.Expect the unexpected

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Following our successful course in Spring about North-Italy, we continue our journey through this magnificent wine country. We take our time to discover and taste the wines of Central and South Italy with 5 sessions.

  • Session 1 – Tuscany
  • Session 2 – Umbria – Marche
  • Session 3 – Lazio – Abruzzo – Campania
  • Session 4 – Puglia – Molise – Basilicata – Calabria
  • Session 5 – Sardinia – Sicilia

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